Nature For Change was established in 26th April 2015. It was registered in the district of Bohorok in May 2015. The idea to create this initiative came from the realisation that in order to save the forest, the survival of people living near the buffer zone needs to be addressed too.

The project requires the participation of landowners at the buffer zone as native fruit trees like Petai, Jengkol and Durian are planted on their land. The farmers will help to look after the saplings to grow to maturity. They are also require to protect any animals that cross to their land from any harm. Once the trees are matured and fruiting, they can harvest the fruits after the animals have eaten what they required. They are plenty to share. This is the first awareness that we hope to instill into the mindset of the farmers.

The project will not be able to function without active participations of community near the buffer zone. We reach out to them through community empowerment project like, setting up education centre, construction of sanitation facility for the poorest and few other projects. We also help t0 link visitors with suitable host for homestay experiences.