ARCC 2019.


Madrasahs from Singapore joined in the conservation efforts.

NFC hosted two madrasahs from Singapore in November 2016. The madrasahs are Madrasah AlArabiah Islamiah(MAI) and Madrasah Aljunied. Aljunied was facilitated by Majulah Community under their YLOVE program and this project is under Project Peduli Leuser. Both groups spent sometimes at the bufferzone and enjoyed the tranquility of Camp Sungai Landak.

They spent their time in the village by helping to construct toilets for the households selected by NFC and they enjoyed distributing rice to the beneficiaries. The teachers were happy that the students got to meet and interact with the community and understand the challenges living in rural area. They find it beneficial to the students’ understanding of global social environment through the discussion with the villagers.

NUSMS Project ASA 2016

Our newest partner for the conservation of Gunung Leuser National Park and community empowerment project in Timbang Lawan. National University of Singapore Muslim Society or NUSMS came to join us in the planting of saplings at the bufferzone area. The group which consists of 21 undergraduates from NUS also helped to build toilets for deserving families and distributed free rice packs to needy households in the village. The group also donated to build a library for the use of a Madrasah. The students were treated to fun games and lessons conducted by the big brothers and sisters from Singapore. After 12 days in the village, the team were grateful for the experiences and it motivates them to volunteer their time and skills for the needy in Singapore too.

Buffer Zone Program

These signboards will be placed at the border of the National Park and Buffer zone.
These signboards will be placed at the border of the National Park and Buffer zone.

Employing community living by the buffer zone to build campsite and maintaining it. An income generation program and engaging their interest so to raise awareness to help conserve the forest and environment.