Project RICE by NFC

Sharing perfect rice with the poor and needy. Make contribution of $15 per sack of 10kg. Nature For Change will distribute it for you. Charity made easy.

RICE is the staple food of many in this part of the region. Yet not many have the chance to eat quality rice due to poverty. With low economic capability, good quality rice are beyond means of many.

This project strives to provide a pack of 10kg quality rice to the poor and needy. Beneficiaries are selected from the database of the community and checks are conducted to assess the suitability of the recipients. In the first week that the project was launched, a total of 5.5 tonnes of rice were pledged by donors from Singapore, Malaysia and Canada.

We hope to continue this noble work by providing at least a pack of 10kg rice per month to the recipients. Our longterm target is to procure a suitable milling machine that could process the grains and transform it to quality rice. Then it will be distributed to the poor and needy and also sold at discounted price to those that are able to purchase it. The grains are sourced from poor farmers so that they will get a fair deal in the trading of the paddy grains.