Rumah Pintar Bersama NFC

It is our vision that the village of Timbang Lawan will be an ecotourism village. A village which offers authentic experiences of simple rural life of Indonesian’s commoners. We have succeeded to attract visitors from foreign countries but we want the youth to be prepared to take over the baton of becoming a facilitator to our foreign friends.

The project is to instill the love of learning and seek new knowledge among the youth. We identified 19 youths that are enthusiastic to learn English. With the help of a local teacher, Mr Fikri, the first english lesson was conducted in the village in March 2016.

There are few challenges that we faced in establishing this project. A permanent centre, a well equipped study centre and the intermittent loss of electricity in the village but we managed to handle it one at a time.

Our hope is that we could build a better facility and getting more volunteers to come forward to share and guide these youth to a more better future.